Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 6
Theodore Cottingham

1. Tell them to get to know Me, to know Me more, to know Me deeply. Tell them I
come where I’m wanted and I leave when I’m not wanted. More want man’s wisdom
than want My wisdom but that will change. More, more, more of Me is coming to the
common man, those who want Me.
2. They must learn of Me and they must learn at My feet if they want to operate in
My design. Only so much can be imparted from one person to another. Transformation
comes from Me and being with Me and seeking Me and being tenacious, consistent and
3. Tell them I love them and I want to move through them more. Tell them I have
ways and means of communication with them and through them that they’re not aware
of. Tell them to open their hearts to Me and not limit Me to their present theology,
doctrine, and set of beliefs they now hold.
4. Tell them I am doing a new thing. Read the word that I gave you on this. Give
them a copy and tell them to read it repeatedly and ask me about its validity—its
authenticity—its origin—its author. Tell them to seek Me and I will expand them. I will
move in them and I will do with them what I want to do with them if they will let me.
5. Share your God in Business diagrams and what you now have about praying the
Lord’s Prayer. Tell them, show them, teach them, walk them through it. Give them tapes
and let them learn at the pace they are willing to learn. Push them, but push them gently.
I am Me and I will lead them. I am in control and I will lead.
6. Make Me bigger in their eyes. Help them understand to expand to include
knowing my voice like I’m giving these words to you. Remind them of the daily
instructions and blessing and comfort I want to give them on a daily basis—like I gave
the manna in the wilderness—if they will come.
7. Most in here are so busy, so busy. They don’t have time for Me, not really. They
rush to and fro seeking and searching for dollars and that which will advance them,
instead of advancing Me and My kingdom and allowing Me to advance them.
8. Tell them and tell them and keep on telling all who will listen that I am Me. I am
God and I am coming to My people like never before. Time is short and I am pouring out
on all flesh, all flesh that wants Me and will spend time with Me and learn of Me, and not
be afraid of Me, than every before.
9. I go now. You go now. Your lunch today is of Me. I have ordained what I have
ordained and you are obeying me and I am pleased. I shall provide and I will guide and
you must not fear. You must not fear the unknown and that which you cannot control.
You must not fear lack or ridicule to move in Me. You know that. Know it more.
10. Now bless these men, these people who have assembled here in My name.
Always bless the people I take you to. Always praise them and thank them for
assembling in My name and praying and honoring Me.
11. Bless them as you did Marci last night. Just bless them. Say the words. Speak
the words and let me do what I want to do with those words. I will drill them into their
hearts and do what I want to do. I will begin teaching them that to do, and achieve what
they want to do and achieve, they must praise and bless. They must praise and bless.
They must praise and bless Me and they must praise and bless those they work with.
12. The spirit of accusation is not of Me. The spirit of praise and blessing must be
released in my people. Bless them and praise them Ted and teach them to talk to Me
more, and to talk with Me about every phase and facet of their business, their family,
their debts, their motives, and their feelings.
13. I am moved by compassion for My people. I want to strengthen them and I will
strengthen them through you Ted, and I will strengthen my people through all of my
people that will let Me strengthen My people through them. They must not be self
focused—focused on themselves and what they can do.
14. Release them. Free them and compel them to seek me more and I will move. I
will not disappoint you for you have not disappointed Me. This is your time and you now
know you are to move out and be bold, be radical and unashamed of what I am doing
with you and doing for you. Your days of lack are over. I told you that months ago but
you’ve seen no tangible evidence of it. But you have believed and acted and obeyed
and sought Me diligently, withholding and hiding nothing from Me.
15. Your time, your taxes and your temperature are all according to Me. I will take
care of them all. Focus on Me and don’t be distracted by those that will call out for your
time. For always when I move there are people that want to be close to the people that I
move in, but don’t want to be close to Me, so be selective and careful and I will lead you.
16. Now tell them. Tell them. Tell them I want to talk with them just like I’m talking to
you, and more, more, more. This is a new age. It’s the age of Me revealing Myself to My
people like never before and moving in them in power.
17. They must know Me. They must know Me so much more, for many are the trials
of the future. Many will fall away for I do not operate according to their theology. I
operate according to Mine and I impart it to those who want it enough to spend time with Me.
18. I love you Ted and I love them.
Tell them I love them.
Tell them I see their hurts and disappointments and that I want to lift up their hands that
hang down.
I want them to know Me.
I want them to seek me in spirit and truth.
Teach on that Ted, what I’ve given you on spirit and truth.
19. Now go. Go to lunch with your ordained guest and tell him I am proud of him. Tell
him I love him deeply and I am providing for him just as I am providing for you. I put you two together and you shall see much together, much, much, great and mighty things
you will do as friends and co-workers in My kingdom.
20. Go for you are late again today, now. I want you and I want to speak to you so
much more. Please come back and let Me speak more to you today. I love you Ted. I
love you. I love them. Please let them know.
21. And I thank you.
I thank you.
I thank you.

Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham, http://www.TheodoreCottingham.com. Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession. Also for your study of the Revelation of The Christ being you, see “Jesus the Pattern” Series on my website. Thank you.
Theodore Cottingham