Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 5
Theodore Cottingham

1. You’re going to Russia. My people need me there. I want them strengthened. I
want them to know me more and I want them to know me more now. You must go. You
must strengthen. You must give them what I have given you and what I give you for
them. They need me and they will need me more.
2. Now go and be not hesitant for I am with you. My rod and my staff will comfort
you. I am before you and I am behind you. Shrink not back. Go and do as I tell you.
3. Make it known and allow others to help you. Make it known and allow others to
go with you. Go and don’t worry about being alone. Make plans now and proceed and I
will provide. I will provide richly for you for you have sought me diligently, and I will
provide. Is there any question about that now? I hope not. I will provide.
4. Make plans and tell your friends and all that will listen. Tell them I have told you
and let them read this and let them do what they want to do. For I always let people do
what they want to do. They don’t realize it though. They don’t realize the power of
choice and the power of the choices they make that limit them or set them free.
5. Go now. Go and take all your words and writings and share them all. Share them
and be creative in how you get them out throughout the country.
6. Tell Randy that I love him and that I yearn for him to seek me and spend time
with me. Remind him of what I gave to him through you two years ago. He has sought
me but not like he needs to, to operate in that environment. He will be strengthened by
you. Strengthen him, love him and let him grow. I love him and I love you.
7. Now go and make plans immediately for time is short. The harvest is white. The
fields are ready.
8. And now that you understand your role, I can use you without hesitation.
9. You are to preach Ted. You are to preach. You always knew that and yes, you are
right. You wanted to preach as a businessman. You wanted to do what I wanted you to
do, your way. And you must do what I want you to do, my way.
10. You will speak to many businessmen but you will speak as a preacher, an oracle
of me and my kingdom and not an oracle of that kingdom. You are mine. I’ve told you
that over and over and cautioned you about what you said and how, to who. Don’t even
jest like you did in t past about this. For you are mine. I am yours.
11. You want oneness? I will give you the oneness you seek if you will keep seeking
me like this, and more, and writing my words and sharing them unreservedly with others.
12. I will speak. I will speak for I am looking for those I can speak through who will
not taint what I give them for their own selfish interest.
13. Now go and be gone about my business and you will find fulfillment exceeding
your fondest dreams.
14. Friends. I have friends for you. You have asked me, prayed for friends, godly
friends and I have them for you and I will bring them to you. Be patient. And I will bring
the godly friends you have asked for, prayed for, to your kids as well, for I hear your
words. I hear your words. I hear all of your words. Don’t you know that? I know you
know that but you need to know it more, deeper, better, broader and more intensely.
15. I hear your words and I am come for your words. Be careful what you say, and
pray, for I am come for your words. And I will give you what you want and what you
have asked for and pleaded with me about. I will give it to you, so gladly.
16. You must be ready for me to make myself known to you anytime I answer, give,
provide—lest I give you a wrong impression of how I am and how I do things.
17. You are on to so many things, so many principles of my kingdom. Keep writing.
Keep seeking. Keep asking and I will keep answering.
18. Write, write more and I will continue to give you more as you write. Tell people to
write, write and I will write through them, those that let me that is. So many want to do
what they want to do rather than letting me do what I want to do through them, and
there is a difference.
19. I go now. You go now. Go to Russia and the other place (1) I have told you. They
wait for you there. I have prepared a place for you there and in every place you go. You
go with me.

Footnote (1) In May of 2002 God woke me up at 3am and told me to go to Buenos Aires,

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Theodore Cottingham