Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 4
Theodore Cottingham

1. Lovers, Ted. Lovers.
2. They have no idea of my love and what I have provided for them. They
think they must go to the world and operate by their laws of man and mammon to
make their place and have provision. If they only know.
3. Tell them, tell them, tell them, Ted, and keep on telling them just like I’ve
told you before. Point them to me so I can make myself known more and more to
my people.
4. Never fail to give me the glory or I will remove it from you. I am me and you
are you. You can walk with me as long as I walk in you. You choose, you choose.
5. You have chosen and chosen well. You have come and broken the oil, the
precious jar of time, over me. You have poured out on my feet the oil of your time,
your priority. You have chosen and chosen well and I shall repay you. I shall
repay you. I shall repay you. For no man is a debtor to god.
6. I will draw you. I will draw you more and you will come, for you have
already decided that what I have to say is more important than what man has to
say. You have already decided that man’s words will not dissuade you from the
course you are on to make me priority in your life, the priority number one to
know me and be my friend.
7. I will let you be my friend. I will let you. I will encourage you. I will
encourage you more even yet to come to me and be with me so I can impart
myself to you and through you.
8. Read the words I have given you, the past words I have given you, for I
shall bring them to pass. I am god and I do what I say, when people let me.
9. You words you’ve written about “will and decree” are correct. I speak my
will so often. I speak so often, and go unheeded. I decree things and what I
decree occurs, happens, for I do what I want. But I am moved by the infirmities of
my people. My compassion is great. My heart breaks for my people when they
could be walking in so much victory and yet stumble over the simplest things
because they don’t come to me.
110. Tell them, tell them Ted and keep on telling them and I shall keep opening
doors for you to tell them. Some will hear you, some will, some will, and pursue
me. Some will catch what you’ve got, for you have a passionate pursuit of me. I
will increase it. I will increase it greatly if you let me, if and only if you let me, for
the way is made. You choose.
11. You can have what you want. You can, and you know it. Few people know
it. They recite the scripture and have not a clue as to how I operate.
12. Tell them and keep pointing them to me and I will raise you up, lift you up.
The more you point to me the more I will life you up. So tell them, tell them, tell
13. You have waited a long time for this. You have been tested and you have
won. You are in the race and you will win. Now run, run, run, and enjoy what I
have brought to you, given to you, and what I am doing for you. For you shall see
so much more.
14. Shrink not back. Shrink not back from my power. Don’t be scared of me. Don’t be scared of my presence. And if you’re not, and don’t become so, I will come to you more and more and make myself known to you so clearly. If you fear I will decrease for I come in love and come where I’m wanted.
15. Now tell them. The choice is yours. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them.
16. You’re doing right to take that FrontPage course so you can put my words
out every day to those who are hungry and thirsty and want more.
17. You will help them believe in me and seek my face and seek to know me
for who I am. Only then can I begin to move in them like I want to. I want them to
want me. I want them to want me deeply.
18. Help them want me more and I will increase in you beyond your wildest
19. You are crying (as you write this). Your tears, your tears, your tears mean
much to me. Your tender heart, your tender heart.
20. You have hurt and I have hurt. I have hurt for you but you have come forth
and now is your time.
21. You are right when you prayed a few days ago, “Father, glorify me. My time
is now.” You did that at my beckoning. You are getting it. You are getting that I am
your pattern and all that I did you can do. You can do. And all the verses of scripture that pertain to me pertain to you at some level.
22. You’re getting it and you’ll get more. Now go and tell them and don’t be afraid of sending out long messages. Those that want me will value them and those that don’t can wait till it’s more convenient, convenient, convenient for them. For they are in control of what I do with them. Few realize that. So many wait on me and I simply wait on them.
23. So tell them. Tell them, tell them Ted and be not ashamed. Some will reject
you and what I have given you for they can’t conceive that I want to talk to my
people like I’m talking to you now. They are small and their mind is small and
they think small. But that’s okay. My compassion is great.
24. Never be ashamed of your tears—my tears through you.
Never be ashamed of me and I will never be ashamed of you.
I talk to my father about you often.
I thank you for going to that chapel.
I thank you for believing in me.
I thank you. I appreciate you. I love you. I embrace you.
I believe in you and I will move.
I will move and you will see me move and you will be astounded.
25. Now go, read what I have given you over and over and what I’ve given you
in the past.
26. Tell them I will instruct them with mine eye. I will give them daily
instructions. I will make myself and my priorities for their lives known to them if
they want them.
27. Now go, go, go, go, and I will be with you.
28. Teach them, teach them to pray.
Teach them all things I have given you, for I call you friend.
29. I give you me.
30. I give you what the Father has given me, just as I did when I spoke these
words to my disciples, I call you friend.
31. I want more friends. I want more to know me and I have chosen you for
you have chosen me and you will never turn back. You will never turn back for
you know what I will do if you do. You know. I don’t need to say it again.
32. Read, write, speak, listen and I will be with you.
And yes, I will give you those that I’ve given you.
33. Now go. Go in peace. Go in power. Go in joy. Go in confidence. Go to the
world that I have called you to and never look back. I will provide. I will provide
when you see me and when you don’t see me.
34. Now go and praise and bless those that help you and have been called
alongside to help you. Praise them and bless them. Intercede for them just like I
intercede for you. For I am doing a new thing and the leaders that I let lead for
me will be the ones that intercede for their people. They will love them with a
pure love and lift them to heights and freedom yet unknown. I will give you more
on this later.
35. Now go. Go. You have work to do.
Thank you for not confusing time with me and time for me any longer.
Preach it. Teach it where ever you go.
Go. Go and I will be with you.
36. I love talking with you for you will listen and give ear to my words and
share them unashamedly.
37. Thank you. Thank you for finally being you and letting me move through
you fully, fully, fully, and you will, and more. You will see.
You will see me move more. Help others to see me and I thank you. I thank you. I
thank you.
38. Give me your mornings and I will give you beauty yet untold. Just you and
me. You will see. You will see and you will be glad.
39. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as you say. You will see more and you will
experience more and you will be glad and I will be glad.
Thank you.

Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham, http://www.TheodoreCottingham.com. Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession.
Theodore Cottingham