Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 3
Theodore Cottingham

1. Tell my people I love them. I love them. I love them. It’s not my will for them to be
so encumbered and weighted down that they don’t have time for me. I want them to see
me. I want them to take time with me. I want them to know what I have for them and to
come get it.
2. I am going to show you what I want done. I will show anyone what I want done if
they will spend the hours with me to get to know me and know my heart and what I am
about to do. You Ted have sought me. You have sought me and you have paid a price to
know me and have the understanding that you have. You have sought me and I say
thank you.
3. I want to say what I’ve said to you, to so many other people, but they’re too busy.
They have not put me first. They have wanted other things more than they have wanted
me and what I could tell them, teach them and give to them.
4. I am doing a new thing. I’ve said it and you’ve said it. You’ve quoted me many
times and I want you to keep on quoting me. Say it, say what I tell you and give you.
One reason I can give you so much is I know you will share it and not hold on to it for
yourself only.
5. Your quest to reproduce is born of me. Keep reproducing in others the desire to
reproduce. Talk more about it and show people how to do it. Let me flow through them.
Let me flow through their natural gifts into whatever it is they are doing. I will be there. I
will be with them, if they will just let me.
6. Depression and despair are so rampant because they have left me out of their
lives except for table prayers and prayers in church. Oh, I am so much more.
7. Who will come forth to sup with me and let me give them the word of truth,
beauty for ashes, life for death, spirit for law, creativity for bondage, healing for suffering? Oh, oh, if they would just come. Come to me.
8. Tell them to come to me and keep on telling them to come to me. I am what they
seek so desperately. Keep on telling them. And don’t be ashamed. There are those that
will correct and rebuke you but say what I say, do what you see me do. You are not
perfect but I will move through you. I will move through you, don’t doubt that. The more
you say what I say the more I will move through you and the stronger you will become.
9. Shrink not back, I’ve said it over and over to you. Now go forth in boldness and
joy. Don’t let your joy be robbed from you no matter what you have or don’t have. I am
your joy. I am your source. And I will provide for those that will come to me and my table
1and see me for themselves, listen to me for themselves, and enjoy me and my presence
for themselves.
10. Now go, go and tell, go and tell, and be you. Be you. Be you. You’ve wanted and
strived to be you so much. No go be you and don’t let anybody convince you to be
otherwise or anything else. Be you and enjoy me and enjoy me in you and what I do
with you and through you.
11. Keep saying what I give you and speak of the times we share. Help them
understand what they are forfeiting when they leave me out of their quest for life. I am
me and the more you let me be me in you the more you will be you. You have come a
long way and you have a long way to go, in me. Press on and keep pressing on.
12. I love you. I love you. I love you.
13. And I thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
14. And thank the others that will listen to you and what I give you. Thank them for
listening and reading and pursuing me. I have more for them and I will give it to them if
they want me.
Thank you.

Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham, http://www.TheodoreCottingham.com. Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession.
Theodore Cottingham