Database 1, Volume 1, Lesson 2
Theodore Cottingham

1. My house shall be called a house of prayer. Have I not said that in my word? Is it
not clear? My word is so plain to those that will read, listen, and obey. It’s so plain to
those who really want to know me. My house, my house, it’s my house. That’s where so
many stumble, thinking it’s their house. And they run it according to their values. They
talk about me and discuss my words and ways but then reject who I am and what I’ve
already told them I want to do and be in their lives. The blind leading the blind.
2. Oh for someone to speak out for [my] ways and what I’ve already said. Afraid,
afraid, afraid they are. The fear of man is so great. The fear of failure is so great. When
will they realize I’ve established my ways, my word, my precepts and that I want to
know them. I want to know them. I want them to want more than just my words and
precepts; I want them to know me. And how else will they know me unless they spend
time with me. And who will teach them to spend time with me unless it’s those that
represent me.
3. I woo, I woo all the time, asking, requesting, patiently waiting for those who will
come and sit at my feet.
4. A house of prayer I said. A house of prayer. A house of prayer for all nations. Not
just your nation. Not just your party or preferences. But for all.
5. Speak out Ted. Speak out Ted. I’ve talked to you about prayer many times.
Speak out for prayer to those who will listen to you. You need to know me. You need to
know me more and they need to know me more.
6. Many will fall away because they have no root system. They really don’t know me
except through other people. That hurts. I hurt. I want to know them and want them to
know me and who I am and how I operate. Tell them, tell them and keep on telling them.
7. Bring your computer more and do what I’ve already told you. Listen to me and
put it out there [on the internet], put it out there every day for those to read and see and
be encouraged in me.
8. Do what I’ve told you and don’t be afraid or ashamed. Move, and keep on moving.
This is the time. Pray. Keep coming to me like this and praising me. Teach people to
praise me. Teach them to listen to me. Teach them to come before me with no agenda
but to honor me. And those who honor me in secret I will honor in public. Tell them. Tell
them and keep on telling them.
9. You’ve thought about how you want to establish prayer groups and early morning
prayer everywhere you go. Do it Ted. Do it Ted, and teach others to do it. Prayer, prayer,
prayer, how else will people know me if they don’t spend time with me. They won’t, and
they’ll continue to serve the god of this world and not even realize what they could have
had. I am me and I have not changed. I give to the hungry. The hungry will be fed.
Those that want me. And I thank you. I always thank you, don’t I? Yes I do. I thank you. I
thank you.
10. I thank you for coming today and even bringing your computer I asked you to
start doing this a long time ago. Now don’t stop. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you.
You have my words now go share them. Go share them. Go. Go share them and be not
afraid. Call my people to pray and I will be with you.
11. It’s plain, it’s so plain right now. It’s so plain, plain and simple. Come to me. Pray,
pray more and I will give you more. And lift them up, lift them up, lift them up. And I
thank you.
12. Shall I hide myself? No. Have I ever hidden my face from the cries of my people?
No. I hear. I see. I cry. I listen. I decide. I live. I feel. I have emotions. You know that—
most don’t.
13. Come to me and keep doing what’s in your heart. Keep coming to me and do
what’s in your heart more. You’re on the right track. Listen to me, write my words and
share them and I will lift you up. I will put you where you are to be. No one else is. I will
move and I will speak to the people I want to speak to and doors will open for you.
Doors that are beyond your present reach and your ability to now imagine. Now do it.
Do it. Do what I’m telling you and keep on telling you.
14. Be bold. Be radical. Go. Move and be not afraid or ashamed. Move out and begin
to take back what is mine. I will be with you. I will go before you and I will be your rear
guard. Now don’t hesitate. Do it. Do it. Do it everyday. Write, share and go forth. Lift up
my people. Their hands hang down in despair and discouragement. Lift them up and
help them to know me.
15. Lift them up and help them establish my house as a house of prayer, not
programs. A house of prayer. A house of prayer. Else when the winds blow, they will
blow away. They will wither in the heat and the sun and the wind and wonder what
happened to them.
16. Let praise, praise, praise flow from your lips. And what shall flow back to you will
be more, more, more, so much more.
17. You’ve asked for power. I will give you power. You keep coming to me and I will
give you what you have asked for. For you will point people to me and not you. Thank
you. Thank you. Thank you.

Note: This is part of Database One, copyright Theodore Cottingham, http://www.TheodoreCottingham.com. Database One contains 2,400 communications that are lessons organized into 7 volumes, each building that which redefines Christ, and asserts the development of the Mind of One can be developed in you by you, both women and men, to all become the Christ in your shoes walking the earth today, in every profession.
Theodore Cottingham