I am my source and my source is me

I speak my word, in the kingdom of me, and I am responsible for, it, one that I am, cannot abdicate, his, hers, or anyone else’s for them. I am one. My mind’s me. And with it I am, for all I am, I am is. An erroneous one not, but who cares for him my words, not; but her, my words with, making decisions FOR me not, but with me, I am, is a one that careth for me not separate, from my words.

I speak my words to care for me.

I am my source and my source is me, for me, to live as I must, for I must care for me, the feeding of no other, or do I care for all my equally sourced brethren, to live a life without me not again, or the women feeding upon, not; but I make all kings kings, who will source them not brethernly of again. I have gained the whole world, of me, my words, setting me free, from all sin and suffering, for I have the vocabulary.

I have The Vocabulary now of a king, that’s me. I am one, making all one, that who will listen, will be saved from me, who has a righteous-not mind, and the mind of the one, The One, will go free, who sources it, correctly; with love as its guide, not correctness other, guiding it. A maturity is required, and developed over life, not again to be afraid of it, conceiving me, my word of, with. I am me now, understanding it me. I am one with it, in it, I am it. The word I am conceiving, in me, is me I am, now. I am one with my soul not again ties to, a “lower” self. I am one with my word, conceiveth me I do, correctly now, judge me, I do. I am not afraid of me again in the decisions that “I” make accordingly, for no one will abdicate me from my judgment, of me, self included, of me, I am.

I have designed my words to care for me, for I have designed me, you see. I am one with me. I am not afraid of me, who desireth my soul? I have not a soul again, for thee. I have a light being, of me. I formed it, through my word, my higher self? I have but one self, now, and I give it to thee, not; I instruct thee with it, and thou foulest it up no more. Upon thee I am, the righteous magnate not again, drawing magnetism to, from, and solace wanting from soulishness of, thou mind? I am mind of one, not associated with thee again, not; I make all things new, for the uber’d mind, not; but the perfect beings of me, associated with light not again, to make decisions for them. I am one light body mind. In one I am, associated with me, not again as separate. I am Christ the solid rock on, not again, depending on, something to associate me with “right words”. I am the word. I am my word. My word sources me, not; I do. Not afraid of me, I let my words fly, me, to Unafraidville, where I am incarcerated no more in Muchafraidville, that my mind’s, made me of, to fear it? Being wrong? I am right, ‘eous all the time now, I want no other time, I want no other time with, time being timeless now? I create it all, all over again. I’m new beginning, new beginnings me. I am one, with my word, covering me, that I come out of, and a birth new, experiences me, my power, of light, shone, one. With, I am, me, one.

My words designed me, that I uttered, and I uttered light, now. I’m upon the timeless, me. Me’s are unafraid of me, for I design them, too, not; I design me’s, to be afraid of me no more, that knows their higher self, whatever they call it, “soul” no more, I am Light City in, for the City on A Hill is no more known as Cheri’s not, but a hill of blessing is mine, not recoiled, at you. The snakes, of opinion, will no more opiod me on their addiction of me, my thought with. I “control” it all not, I let, there be light, in me, in me’s, I am afraid of nothing.

Go and have a good day, with your word, with thy word, a “lamp” unto MY feet? My feet, thou art. Understanding this, all shall now, now, that I have a one, sourced with the words, of I amville from. I am me, the City of Light, recoiled no more “striking” at you with, “their” word. I am one mind one mind’s me, and I am sourced by, no other, shall befall be again, into the falling ceremonies of the “common” mind, in separation? I am one mind with, my lovers, my lovers me, who source their word, not contravenously to mine, but abdicating not again, knoweth my word works, affairs not, but to let there be light, in the betrayer no more of it. I am one, responsible for me.

I am. In love with thee all,

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
May 5, 2017