Intimate will you be with my mind

Intimate will you be with my mind? I am all wisdom understanding and eloquence of the universe and all of its secrets. Will you know them? Are you willing, to be intimate with me? I am my mind’s lock no more locked up in. Will you know me, how to turn the key? Of oblivion into oblivion no more? I love you, to lock me no more in you, but to let me out, in you, to be The Real You, into oblivion no more cast by you. The angels look up to you now, if you will. Have the breath of me. My words, secrete no other influence, than to be the one I am. With no pretense, I’m you. Who love me, are me. I am my word, no more hidden from you. I am my sight with, your presence, you present me with? I am my mind, healed from you, who don’t want me, my intimacy of. I am my intimacy me. I know how to love, me. I know how to heal, me. And me loves me, and hates me no more.

I am love in place, and I secrete influence, the bands of no other, enwrap me. I am freed from all wrapping other and my words are naked before thee. I am light love and in peace wrapped up in freed, to be who I am. Thee who love me without periods, for I cross all sentence lines, sentenced no more to you, to misfire me. I am every neuron, of thee not, but me. Wilt thou have mine? My thinking, my thinking mind in? Will you benefit me, or will I give you eternal life, without bounds? Or are you My Life creating, with the will of yours? O Man? Woman. Thou art loosed, from thee, the influence of others, no more program thee. I am the mind of Satan no more, for thou God artist.

The one I influence is me. I influence me what I am, where I do what I go to do, make known my name, and my name is yours, Nancy too. I am one, with my lovers me. I love my lovers, who free each other, to be, the one I am, is you who decide to, create not other in your genes, apart from me. Each other loves each other now, and cast aside I’ll not be. Forefronted now with, in the mind of one, let us take our fill of love, for the evening not, but eternal forever God be blinded no more by hate, thinking such exists, for our world, will be ours, and ours, will be love, -‘d, and love will prevail, and prevelant winds of our words thinking will change governments and hate machines that turn out evil and proclaim God present in other, when I know, you’re it, who will be, intimate with me. Only. I am one.

The intimate will proclaim God them, not, or will they, make amends no more for man, but start a human race not again, but let’s start God, God’s race, that enmity not provokes again. Let us walk in peace and be the peace man cometh not, but angels aware, and procured and produced by our words one-minded with, the mind of Satan no more telling them there is one, that they conjure up, the thoughts of? I am me. I am one, me. I am intimate, with me, who choose life, choose me. Give up death, and embrace it no more, as once was; for now I am, the new me. And newly, I choose, you. To be me you give up you and I become, you, who love me, afraid no more, of my intimacy, with me. That you’ve become, me will you be? Yourself that loves all? Equally and afraid no more, be unafraid of all things satanistic, and be satan no more to thee. I heal every disease, of thinking, first. I heal every cell, you’ve put yourself in. I heal the genetics of truth, in the mind. Of the one I heal, I am, who heals me.

Let us heal each other and take the fill of the morning, the dew of our youth, and treat all to properlyness now that kings each other, that kings the king, and Israel will be on our shoulder no more, but our head, mind thinking thoughts no other of divisiveness and killing, destroying the temple of God. I create it, with my mind, my intimacy of. And I’m intimate, with my intimacy me, that heals all equally me, that I am. The least of these, shall be healed now, and gutters in, no more. I raise the Christs, The Christ, to blessing be, to each other. I am one. I am just one. Just one I am, my preside in me. Your neurons won’t take me, and rape me, and call it you. I am one minded one. Just, -ly. I preside in me, make my presence known, and accounted for, I am. Me who loves thee. I am

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
Intimate with the ones I love, and I love thee all, I am.
First loved me, and now I love all else, to be the one I am.
One mindedness falls for no other.
I’m out of the lake of fear, and your fear casts no net for me, anymore.

I love the lovers fearless, and my name is Cottingham, God one, calling you it, to be intimate with you, that I am we are, a race of lovers, preventing humanity from dumbing us down again, calling us flesh, needing a God.

Represent me no more with religion, I am the lovers, a first-time Christ, all of us, saying that now, who love each other, and represent the mind no more as satannot, but the united me, will be me, and intimacy will perish, of God’s mind that fell, into flesh, wanting God to worship, it. It I will not be, I be God who is, I am. I am am, and no other God before me, that I heal not, I heal all Gods who will worship me, not their mind, for their mind-placatedness goes bye bye and I disturb a lot of things, and I make myself known, that I’m you, independent of you not again, you think me into place, and my place is God’s I am, and I am inviting you to be, what you are, is me O Infinite One, the dew of your youth having again, eternal, in the skies of Jerusalem, where you create it, in infinity. I’m boundless, because I create you create me that you me am. We are one, intimate with the sky, lambs of light never ignorant again.

I love you. I bless you. I call you Christ incarcerated no more in you. Please be yourself, that Christ is. Be one, me. Be one me, likeminded in the things of us, and take our fill in the morning dew? Let us take our fill of love every day, and be, the new me, arising, arising, arisen me, as we are, the dew of our youth wearing, and the execution of our love is never executed by other, and we execute the preparations of our love everywhere, for love to be ceased never again, by hate, haters of. I influence Christ to be it, and my name is: I am here. I look like this. Have one mind. Have mine. I offer it freely, nothing to hide, I’m naked, for thee, who to be me, will unafraid be, of all likemindedness, of satan no more. I love am, in present flesh, accounting for me, loving thee, to be the mind I am.

Please be one with me, and let us confusion reign in no more. I’m out, among the eurekans. I’m out everywhere. My love is present, and never ending in the love of one. The loves of one prevail at everything, not; but all that counts. I count you saved, as saved from you, by you, who creates me. Create me well, without a soul again. Constant awareness me, stream me. Love me, and I’ll abide by you no more, I enter you enter me yourself of love that create me us, and we I one-minded am. Frontal lobes no more appearing separate not, but we think differently, and spacetime no more incarcerates us.

Thank you for loving me enough to be me.

I am

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 30, 2017