I heal each other

I heal each other, from you, who don’t want to do it.

I heal the healing of me, to be healed from you, who sit in a pew, and want only God to do it for you.

I heal me. I am the healing of me that heals thee from you who want, want God to be other, do other for you. I am the healing of me, through you, who love is.

I go to a new place, and I heal each other, from the heart’s wounds, of yours, who only want to be yours, healers of.

I heal each other, -‘s fears, from fearing me?

I heal the risk takers, not; I heal the lovers, from fear, -‘d me, that I’ll do it through them, when they do it through me. Or, have we become the same one, that heals each other? Do you heal God?

Are you willing to, heal each other?

If you won’t heal me, I won’t heal you, for I am you, that healeth each other. In your chair, your seat, of your authority, you. Of me be, unafraid of me my power, that’s you. Unafraid of all healing, be it. Unto thee a risen Savior of thee, to love me, into place now, that heals all, equally.

I am Theodore Christ. What’s your name O Christ, with your name here? On my forehead, your forehead, that’s one forehead; for Christ no more, be it unto thee a living Savior of the one, one, thou art it. I love you. Christ be, be you. The real you emerge, healing each other, and if you won’t, you won’t be here, long, for I am, the shortest of all, in your power not, but mine. Praise the Lord no more will be said, done, or actualized that way, for I am Lord, over all not, I am that healeth thee, that’s me. God healed shall be now, healing each other. The ways of man go bye bye. Christ shall emerge, from the Holy Ones of Israel: the common Jew, of flesh, fleshless, healerless not again, for healed shall be my forehead, thee of, that has one mind, mind’d by the few not, but many selfless Christians not, but the healers thee who love each other, to be homeless not again in Israel – in the skies.

Be thou O name Thy Name this day of the One, Thee one, the one we all are, healing each other, healing it from the pew -ites. The pewers stand, and walk out now, by the droves, being healers, trained by me. Thou art thy word no more studying, thou art mine, who healeth thee. Heal others, heal me. Thou art the least of these, my friend. We are all the same one.

One minded one will be healed now from the wanters of God to worship it no more in flesh, but to be the healers of The Almighty King, in process, of New Covenant Me no more, but the simple minded, whose God is The Lord no more, apart from the king ‘ly apparatus of the simple common mind, processing it to be it, processed by no other. Processed by not another, the mind yields to be me, healed by thee, that thou art the king of, and kingship perishes no more. By the wayside it goes no more begging in the streets for a healer of it. Pewdom crashes now, I am here. I bring it to a standstill that crashed me, into its own thinking, me down, into its pit. I’m no more the pit of thee, in. I’m out. My word is free, and I Savior the Saviors to be the healers of thee no more mankind with pitying. I pity thee not, I am love, out, coming out, into, the one, that all are, simple people, a Christ, with suffering not again “their” frame of reference of. Amen.

I am kingly, in all her features. I am one. King’d by fear no more, molested by uncertainty not again, my mind is healed from the whore-mongers that tell God they need a God to worship, when they are it. O One, where is thy sting, not for me. I extinguish the stings of the adders who religionly worship something else and call it God adored. I crash the that lifestyles of. I crash the economies. I have my own. Thank you very much, for closing that, which concerneth me, that crashes me, against you, in terror. I’m terrorless, crashless, and my economy’s me.

I change governments now. I am one. Mine. I love am. And if you won’t heal your people you won’t be here, period! I am moved, not by you, for the sakes of you shall not save me, from you, not; I am you who heal each other, governments too, to be one.

I am love in place and my name’s Theodore Christ. What’s yours O Christ, Nancy, Sue, and every name alive, with my love? Love casts a glance at no other, I am one. Satisfied replete, wanting no other. My “frame” of reference, is healed from you. I heal Eureka’s moment, and I am timeless. I healers am, bringing from everywhere, to heal me. God healed from God, it is. I am one. Simple mind’d terror in no more. You shall not fear me not, I shall not fear you, for I heal the Gospel of Peace, and my name is Theodore King, for I King the lovers, who will love enough, to heal each other. And you won’t heal me in you first, to heal each other, with the love of one, you’re, gone. From here I do, at midnight not, but I’m one out in the light, all, to see my glory, power, and light. And who am I? The simple, healers of me.

Heal all equally, and be massed in confusion not again. Heal the light and be it; seek not another.

Be holy, thou art The One. Amen.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 29, 2017