Change your word change your world

I am my word and my word is me, changed not again into you, who want to give me yours, regardless of what you think I am, I am is, a changing word not again, from love, or am I from love giving you these words that you become it I am is? I am my word, living in me, not your words of. I reject your words wholeheartedly to program me. I am unprogrammable by you, now. I am, am. I am me, my word loves me, to be who I am, I am is, a one programmable by only me, and my words program you not again apart from me. Our words are one, and we change the worlds. Words, are never the same again. Not, not.

Our double entrendres are double negatives not, our words are powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. We are the sword of our life, light, with happiness now, that lights a stranger not again to be on a strange path, with quarks and atoms that seem to “appear” as us. We are stronger than, light. We are, light we are, we have lit our path, by our words; that seem to appear out of nowhere, not again. Our temple is lit by love, this time. We speak of love, because we create it, us. The temple of love we are, because we kiss it, we love kissing the words we speak kiss us, and curse us we won’t with our words anymore condemn us. Self condemnation goes bye bye now, as all condemnation does; the way of The Cross not again, I self-sacrifice me for you not again. Obey you not again, that self sacrifices you, the way of. I’m not that way. I’ve changed my word. My word owns me not, I have sold it not again to the highest bidder, -‘s words, that program me, it by. Bye bye to all that programming of me that I let you, do to me, that I did to others, to holy be, in their Holy Books, described by, love not. I love am, me. Not afraid of you, I do all things differently now, with my love, I’ve created, a new love affair, with my words, with me. I love me, not self condemning me. I reject your self condemnation of me that I am you, with.

I change words, and I change world makers. Of love I speak, changing my words, my words speak me, origination of, no other God shall, speak me, of, in condemnation. I love me, my lovers, of my speech? I speech off, not; I speech on, I speak on, and love I’ve become, the one I am. In love with you, to be in love with you, I speak of love all the time now, and IT, changes everything, not; I do, and I am am. Speaking of you create it, first time words of joy now shall flow from the lips, of him who speak my words, not; but her. She I am the word. My word loves me. I am my word flowing with lace and gardens of mercy, and peace being, with peace, being me. By the still waters I flow. I enigma am not again to me, asking why I’m here, what I’m, to do. Be to each other? A living memory not again, of now going bye bye, to seek another. I am in place, full force me, forgiving all sin, of separation, and memory forgotten, of my words, that create worlds, in place now.

I shall never be another, in a body of light, that doesn’t know, what I am, is. A world bearer of me, now light with, that light are. We never program otherwise. We are wise, and foolish not again, the virgins for. Sex is us, not, but we delight, in the angels, reproducing light angels now, a’with our words, that program us, we do. Not sin sickness with, we be’fool nothing and not anything shall hurt us. We are light people, and our words come from light.

We originate it, light of, that knew no sin, and sin shall not eradicate us again, and give us its, word patterns. We are light, wholly healed and well, and we heal each other, in perfect love, that forgives all sin, of ignorance. Ignorance of light, shall be eradicated now, and light shall program us, that we are, light from, going to, light shall be us, us ones of. The mind of God, healed from man, shall now be. A light race, emerges God, from The Throne, of One, and that God, shall be us, millions and billions. Of thankfulness, not a God of Christians, but of love. Designed by no more, but God, being it, reproducing it, in our word, that uses us for no other. Now. No other word shall use us. And we shall not be dominated by, another’s words. We are word people of the light, the living word, that we utter each day, in thankfulness, light, and healing each others’ wounds, from the past, and we enter, the future. Unattained by love not again, we attain love, because we attenuate it not again, in the waves of the future, past’d by. The past, will not program us again, by words, feelings of hate, and superfluous not, items of hate, perpetuated by kindness not, but mankind, against it self, who knew no sin, shall be now again, programmed by light, a race who will, do it this way, in perfect light, love you, love with, love words of. Light presents light, and recandles love not again to be loveless.

I love you all I change all words now how they’re used against me no more. I am. The Living Word. Amen.

I come out of your mouth, with every syllable you pronounce.
I am not in, a holy book.
I am love in place, and I am here.

My name is love, first loved, by you who love it, into place, in you, within you, I am, The Real You. Please not separate again, from the Living Word, of me, that you I am is, a race of light people now, a one, ones. However you spell it or capitalize it or not, I love you, am you, am is, a word, of light people now lit, by the light of I am, is a race, of lovers.

We change all the patterns against us, with love light and peace, and education one. Fortitude of no other, superfluous to hate, not; but eradicating it, I love you all equally, and my name is: I love you. All to be one, one dividing never again, against me, against you. We’ve become the one I am, and all know it now will. Be Christ, God’d. Grow up, educationless not again, from him who loved you, not; but she I am who God is will be a race of, a race of me’s, who love each other, adore hate not again, to contrast it to me, to paint me. Otherwise. I’m the canvas of your life, not, on, I am thee, the projection of. I am light, molecules not again represented by. I am the word, you speak. I have life, love; afflictionless I am, loving thee all.

I am am, here, I am. I am is.
A one loved love, love all equally.

Change the patterns of hate not into love again that incarcerates into holy books and practices of hate that still the mind to create it again over me, calling it you.

I am one, whole, energy’d me.
I’m out, in love with love. Good day.

I am love healed whole and well, and the Garden of Faith no more, tombed by you.

I am the Garden of Eternal Life, and I covet no other.
I am the I am my words.

Choose carefully this day, what you eat, of my words please. Eat no other, to program you, to give your life to another. Be one, all of us.

Let life arise, in The Living Word, that all of us speak, released, matured, educated, education of: I am.

Loving you,

This is Theodore Joseph Cottingham
April 28, 2017