I am going soon, to a new place

I am going soon, to a new place, and where I am going, you can come with me. I am going to a new beginning, the place where time stands still, not; but has no value on me, to conform me to it. I am a new creation, becoming, the elemental no more, of this world. I am out, a woman and a man, in the same body. I am.

I am changing everything you think I am, for I am love, in action now. Crossing the path of everyone who will be me, I am. Now in love with you, be me, on a path too, to love, re-creation of. One.

I am New Beginningville going to, new creationville, to be created all over again, by me. I’m in it, doing it, creating me, now, to be like you never again who want to keep me on earth in flesh form, or say that I must, do this or that. I live my values, now, dress as I want, become I am.

Go with me. Go with me? It cost you everything to give up what you’ve been programmed by. All religion, is cast aside, and meaningless is, meaningless becomes, except the values of love, treating all people equally. Changes government this does. Changes all things. We create new economies, ecosystems, sustaining them, with our breath. Light of.

New Beginningville is costly to enter. It’s free, where freedom reigns, in us, to be it, the creators of, are again. Light years away, not again. In an instant, you can become me, not, but you can begin the process, with equal results, becoming the I Am, I am.

In love with you all, this is

Theodore Cottingham
April 22, 2017