“I AM I AM” -3

April 1, 2017

I have a light body. A body of light, I am. I am, am. Am, I am. I used to separate me from my light body. I thought I was flesh, in, and conceived by God, to be separate. I was, for I conceived me, in separation. Ill conceived, as I was, I thought I was in perfect will of God, not; I thought I was born in bastardization, a bastard race, or a race that God forsook; or did I believe God made me, separate? From what God was? God is? A race of light beings now I know God is. I’ve succumbed to love. I rolled over and played dead, not; I came to life. Now the love I live is life eternal, not dying again.

I live life to the full now, being a grace, being a man, in God’s clothes not again, or am I, in God in mans’? Am I woman, too? I am all one. One one one. One that one is, makes many ones, out of God not, out of man not, again the theory of. I came out of woman. I am a woman God in man, not; I am a woman God in woman not, or is God woman, or genderless? I am one, one one. I am one. Genderless I am I birth my word as a light body should. Light creates me, or I it? Is light one with me?

I forfeit it not again, I am light body me. I forfeit not my existence again as light being. I shall no more to the grave take it, me of. I form light, the light body of, and it forms me, of my own word. I shall no more separate from my own word. I respect it. I have responsibility for it. I account to my word. My word accounts to me, to not be separate. I challenge forgiveness, not; I become it, for I have to forgive me to do this, to be accountable to me, rather than condemning me, in condemnation of. I no more condemn thee. Nor me. I light bodies we are. I am is.

I am, light. I have a light body, not; I am it. It is me. I am not flesh, in, anymore, trained to be. You shall take my training away from me no more. I am light from light light it, and you shall not train me to be anything else in religion or form myself otherwise. I am light lit, perfect peace, in. A body of light is me. I am my light body, of. I form me, and duplicate yours not again that says I must be a man, man or woman of. I am light body’d race. I race am, of light, with blood in my veins, of light. My blood is real, molecularless, for my blood is my word and my word I speak and it forms me. I form not myself otherwise anymore. I decrease understanding not, I obliterate understanding that I was separate, and I separate not from thee O Lord who Almighty will become in the wholeness of I Am One.

All separated now have the choice, and The Dilemma before them, to become God of now. A great big choice, that will destroy civilizations of thought, that cast their bodies before thought, to become incarcerated by, it.

The Great Dilemma will now be before all peoples for I am here. I am light. Bodies of, that tell you, you are you of, and creating you you are, not by God other. “God” other shall not be God to me again. Lord God status goes bye bye. I am Lord God Almighty destroying from the earth, of me. I shall not sin, for I shall not create separation again. Separation in God from God is that which delusion is, and I shall not be illusive, nor delusive again. I create no delusion in me. I create God, that I am. With a comma or not, capitalized or not, I am I am, Am is created again, O Great Creator Arise, that arising is now, with the women, and all who will be one, not separating into a separate race that thinks they need a God, somewhere off afar, coming to get them or redeem them from their suffering. I am.

I redeem me. I Savior am to me. The Great Allegory tells me that, not; it robbed it from me. It gave me Christship not, it robbed me and told me to worship God. It told me I was created in the image of God. It imaged me to me, and thought took its perfect work, not; but imperfect’d me. I become imperfect in me. I looked to the image, to sustain me. I thought I need a living, to live. I needed money. I needed force. I reconciled me to me not; I sustained ignorance, in me and all that I taught, for so long, for I repetitive was, in ignorance. Ignorance I loved, not; but gullible and naive I was, not that I thought I was, but ignorance overtook me, not; but thought did. Thought is the most powerful thing there is, not; but love is. And love defeats ignorance. No ignorance shall no more be found on this planet, I am. I am, is free, at last, to be me.

I am above all your cares not, I am careless not; I care about you. I care about love. I establish love universities everywhere now. I am love education of, is. I am love educating love, to be it. A body of light with. I am I am.

In love with you all, I write more each day, on I am is, status of one.

In love with you all,

This is Theodore Joseph Cottingham, one who loves racquetball and motorcycles, lakes and oceans, and kind friends, restoring the kindness to life, of one, without form. I form it. Form you too, this way, I am. I am shall be, I am is. Love one, anomaly’d no more.

Good day.

April 1, 2017 about 11:20am