Creating Creation

If I create Let within you, Let shall be a part of you, created by your words, that my word, is, giving you, to create, to create you with, not separate from that which is Light, for Light works by Let.

Let there be light is more than a term, it’s education, for the masses, to be lightless not again, but performing acts for magic, not; but living the educated life of one that lets light be light. Forget punctuation, not; but key not on it to determine what I’m saying that’s being said. Light in you must come forth to creation be your creation of. Light works by love, so if you’re into magic acts for money only to squander of the masses of confusion by proliferation of what has been stamped on you to replicate, then I am not interested in teaching you.

I’m interested in creation, of The Creation Master, that God and I are one, are you, who will be it, not separating again, into things of the mind, that controls, and stagnates, and feels powerless, and grants it.

I am creating power to be The Most High, in humility, only.

You are not separate from your knowledge. You are not separate from your words. You are your words, your words are you. You have knowledge of your words, but in patterns, that give you, restrictedness or not, constrainment or not, containment or not, and you cannot be contained in you in restrictedness unless you seal you shut in it. You can live in your own mind without let, and control everything you say by logic, and confusion will reign in you, not necessarily, but what’s programmed into will. And the logic of man will constrict and contain the Creativity of God into a human and leave it there till it dies, and be triumphant over it, and eulogize it as: good. A good life, one who played by the rules, kept the commandments, law abiding citizen, not a murderer, but wait! What about the confusion spread by ignorance, of that person, when that person was The Creator, that never found it out?!?

I am creating creators who know it, willing are to find it out, and be it; healing everyone from confusion of processing other and being processed by other than The Creator they are.

Luck is not Let. Let is a force, that uncontrollable is, realer than real. Transcendent is that which surpasses normal limits, the state of being free from the constraints of the molecular world, the state of being beyond normal perception of the five sense mind. Transcendence is not scientifically verifiable because we are dealing with that which is beyond it, the we are, not characters in a play for others anymore, to play us, with their words.

We are the words, of our own I am. And the mind of I am, is not separate from you. I can shield it though. I can shield my mind from you, in my words, how I behave, and how I engender thought about you. Lightly? Shadows’d no more, what are you willing to learn about your power? What are you willing to learn about control so that control won’t control you? What controls control? Why are we all living lives that so often are programmed by another, others, who seek our good or not? What are we pouring into each other, each day?

I create creativity and that’s why I’m here, to reveal The Creator, is you – my friend and colleague, on the earth. If you want to create creativity in you, and unleash it, in others, as much as you, JUST AS MUCH AS YOU, you can create it in others, starting with you first.

You see, hear, feel, become. The creator is The Creator, for The Creators are a race, not separate, not separated from time again, or space by.

I love you, all.

This is I am Theodore Cottingham
March 22, 2017