Let leads, if you let it

Let leads, if you let it. Talking about let, it is the most powerful phenomenon around, not, but integral to being saved from yourself, the beastualized mind of; for your mind is a beast, unless we’re talking about your light mind.

The light mind has a mind made up of many pieces, of material matter, not; but light, that’s not fragmented by timespace. Nor the mind of others, who want to think with theirs in separation. I am not separated you reading this, so I can love you fully as I am, you are. I am you are. We are one. Doing business my way, we, I change everything, for the light mind is infinite, but you aren’t, not again. For now knowing, you develop the light mind of let, and let is confusionless, except for the Mind of The Beast confusing it. Because we all use words. Well kind of sort of.

The light mind operates by revelation, by let ‘ing let operate, for no lack exists in the light mind, that’s afraid of it not, but willing to risk, to hear truth. Truth in any form is transcendent, of molecular waves, of understanding light other. There’s light of true mind, transcendent, immortal, eternal, powerful among all powers, being the one that ultimate is: love, and love lets. Love does not control. Love lets mature. Seeks maturity. Diligent about it is.

The Beast Mind seeks to supplant The Light Mind, and does a good job of it. Damn good, that dams the light flow of light that can only be generated by let.

Let is a key term that operates only in surrender. Opposite of control. Surrender lets, and surrender is more powerful than control. Limited limitedness operates in control, a finite sphere of understanding in, that limits, matter. Circumstances are controlled by the mind, not; but the mind uses circumstances to control what it thinks it sees, and must respond to, if it’s the beast mind. But the light mind is not oblivious to the things around you, to respond to, but if you let it.

The Beast Mind runs all over God, the light mind of. God is so surrenderful that, humble we think of being God not, but humility is the greatest trait of God, or that you are, if you become it, not separating from it.

The Beast Mind lets not; the beast mind control, for it power wants, and wants its power, to be all powerful. But that’s not how I work.

I work for peace in the creators who let, who will let, themselves be saved from their beast mind, and allow The Let mind, to “work” in creation, that creates, the creation from above, that you control not, but you “let” into existence, in the framework of I am.

My circumstances cannot control me or you, unless we yield to it that created these circumstances that we don’t want. If we think we are subject to what we’ve been dealt in this world, we are powerless, to create change. Change is easy, not; but inevitable, for dynamic and stagnant not is what will be created now by the changers who elicit not light from that which keeps them stagnant again.

The Beast Mind offers light, understanding, grace, which keeps most going in “normalcy”, and cultural understanding of insight and leadership; subject to all the most high gods, not; but money. And money is God, to most, whether calling it that or not, they serve it night and day, with all their power.

I am not offering you that power, but to create The Light Mind OVER the beast mind, not again, nor vice versa. I’m inviting you to Grace be, in your two shoes, a one, that bears not in your mind the beast creation again of you that seeks to be someone else, nor wear the shoes of him who sent you here in lack. You are not the shoes in of molecular lack any more. You’re shielded from your purpose not, you’re to create God. God can be born again in you and you do business throughout the worlds in an understanding of gracefulness that transforms the transformation process which developed the beast mind in you to be subservient to money and syllables needed for communication of the waved mind. The light mind exists in you, that you cannot extricate. You are one with God, and you’re it, unless you seek your own existence unto yourself that you create with your thought that you’re separation of. The beast mind is separate and loves its separation and will do anything to keep living in you, to live you your life of, in deception, deceiving you to keep you thinking you’re your own life living. But the beast mind lies, and resides not in light, but has its form of it, energy that waves the mind, to bend it into its appeal, of words that its rational and logic identifies and codified and amplified and repeated to each other for conformance to cultural norms to be acceptable to keep you beastualized in you thinking you’re making your own decision, and in control of your own life being.

You are not that being, anymore, unless you choose to be, and insist on it; for now the light has dawned that you’re The Creator of you, and thought controls this world not, but you do, because you’re the creator of it, The Creator, is you.

Let lets you hear the light that’s transcendent and not of this world, of molecular understanding and waves, of its frequencies, and gender that rapes it, each other of, in prices, time, and more. There’s more, to the story, than we’ve ever been told.

Revealed by light comes by let. A force, of surrender, that can only be exercised in focused tenacity over time, some period of time, for there is always sacrifice, to transform, light – we’re giving up flesh, molecular of, to have the understanding that does not need waves. That’s how revelation comes, in those “sparks” of imagination, where many things come aglow of, and revealed is a “way” to do things, accomplish, and somehow defeating circumstances give way to a creativity that forced it way into you not, but you let, it come, and be “revealed”, to the revealer of you. You sat. Silent were. Defeated your voice, of circumstances and lack, and forced nothing upon you or anyone. You took time to “pour the oil” out over the feet, of the surrendered, being you.

You admire your body, not, again. You admire flesh not, you admire love, by letting love, let love let, creating the person you are, without flesh on, be in, the flesh of you. Becoming one. Light mind of. Decreasing darkness and eventually defeating it entirely to become a new creation: You. No lack. Perfect peace. Loving all equally. Dependent not on money.

I love you all.

Theodore Joseph Cottingham
March 19, 2017