Let there be let

Let me introduce you to the concept of let. Are you willing to know no lack? Are you willing to use words differently? Are you willing to use new syntax? Are you willing to be taught a different way, than you expected, than you received in the past, the teaching of?

I ask a lot of questions, for that’s how leaders are born and bred, in the mind of the conceiver, the conceiver, who will conceive it, its allowance let.

Let is a significant term to me, instrumental in divorcing many things from you, that are normal considered, as the way things are done, and expected, and conceived?

I deal with the mind of birther of love. I deal in facts not, I deal in that which preempts them,as they are, to be differently, used, allowed, or let. A completely different way than heretofore conceived and carried out as the norm, ‘al way to get things done, and accomplish a few. I’m interested in you accomplishing a lot, but of the right things, the way of a conceiver, of truth that you care about that will nurture you, in the process, of taking care of bills and business, at large.

Let ‘ers are those who I conceive as letting, things happen, that cannot ordinarily happen, by themselves, or on their own account, by expectancy, or normal things happening throughout the day. Expected things don’t come to pass, but let’ing does, in ways never imagined, by the let’ers of whose opportunity careth for another does. More than these?

Questions are important, for I am treating you like leaders, not like spoon-fed feeders being fed. I am not interested in sharing my what I know what I’ve been through and what my heart is, with the feeble minded who only want their puffery of ego and circumstances to change for them. I am all peoples helping, become, be let’ers. Who enjoy faith not, but love, and into action put it, in their everyday joys.

I will teach you to negotiate to your advantage not, but to do so as it pertains to you, whom you sit across from, when you negotiate anything.

If you’re going to sell anything, I ask you to involve let. To conceive it. For if you “want” the sale, you can drive it off. If you’re nonchalant you send the wrong signal. So what are you “signaling” when you let? A caring concern for those you conceive in you as equals, and who need and/or can truly benefit from your exchange. Do not rape your neighbor, just because you can. Do not charge more than you should. Don’t charge as much as you can get away with. I have done it. I have charged too much for things at time. I was in business. I still am. I love now, and it gets in the way of nothing I care about, for I care for my lovers, my customers, as my family; and I love my family.

I love the people I deal with. I look at them differently, now, than years ago. I different values have than in the past. I had no mentor. I had guts and a vision to be in my own business, which you can be, beyond your wildest imagination in, if you love people, and vision long term create for you, that changes the outcome, of the now, and how you deal with those moments of “now”. I value a happiness that I’ve created in another, after “the dust” settles. I can create value, that sustains, sustains them, me, in the process, of one not competing with me, about them.

I offer me.

More on let, at another time.

Theodore Joseph
March 18, 2017