No longer under authority of man

Women shall be healed now from being under the authority of men. Men will have no authority over women as in the past. Bible scriptures and Holy Books of religious empires fall now and fail to prevent The Christ from being a woman in flesh today, in flesh today, a woman, appearing, being it you who will, quit wearing the authority of man in subjection to it, that, or whatever has caused you to be in subjection to another.

Marriage will fall apart now and be eradicated from the earth, as exclusive rights to another, another’s body, will no longer be here. There will be no rapeage of the angels anymore. The virgins of Christ will arise. Quit having sex with another. No one will put flesh seed into another angel to breed a human race here. I am.

I am the word of my being, and I am fleshless, in flesh, appearing in who will be it, learn how to be it, for it takes process, to be processed not by man again who takes it down and rapes it to be flesh the neurons of. All that changes now. I am.

I am I am and I’m here. And no one will dispute it soon, as the women arise, out of the subjection to men; and holiness of empires other will go bye bye.

I am here, and my name is Grace Cottingham