I am redefining Christ

You will learn how to become Christ now for it will not be defined to you as a man any longer. A man that came long ago that represented something of a power that was unattainable to you, will no longer be the image of Christ that you embrace, for you will know about it now for it will be everywhere and the common people will be Christ Christed Christing each other. And my name is Grace Cottingham.
Grace shall be the order of the day where we no longer strip each other from the Christship of the one we are.
I stand in the gap between the theories that take you to death and the opportunity that stands before you this day to become the New Covenant me, where me is you in your clothes of the Christ who will be it, developing it.
You do not have to die. You can defeat death. You can do miracles. You are not limited to the molecular. That was the message of Christ that you be not separate from the life of Christ, but you’re the one that Christs it!
Christ is not a man! Christ is a race, of new beings begun.
A flesh race separated from God was never God’s heart. It was never meant to be this way and that which put us in flesh I will not worship and I will defeat it and my name is Grace Cottingham in two shoes upon the Earth. I am here and you will hear my words of the New Covenant forever preached upon the universe of thee now.
The Christ will be Christ, and we will no longer be a race of Separation claiming to worship a God that we have not known or understood except to experience it in the theories that we were told to embrace and worshiped.
The validity of Christ is in the person who will develop it, not needing the ordination of any other authority on this Earth or farther.
I declarate Christ to be it and my name Christ Cottingham, Grace in two shoes to call you to be it too.
I love you all.
Good day