Grace is the opposite of what you think it is

Grace is the opportunity to redeem yourself. Grace is the opportunity to become a New Covenant me. Grace is given to every person who will become it, a new person of a new race. 
The New Covenant requires time effort and tenacity to create a new entity according to the New Covenant and that new entity is you with the love life of you for each other equally where you have all laid your life down for each other to become one, the promised one.
The instruction set that we are born with of our DNA will no longer control us. New Israel is made up of New Covenant people who have become new entities on earth, not subject to it. We are people of the law not again. We are people of Love who have died to all the principles of earth and its restrictions to keep us here with its holy books worshiping another.
I am one to tell you, I am one who tells you now that there is a new way to live, a new way to operate, with the understanding, with the instruction set of the genetics of truth you can re-form you into being a new being, a light being of molecularless form. 
The instruction set that you have been born with will no longer control you. You already have another instruction set within you, that’s been inactivated by words and people of ignorance who had not the knowledge that they had to lay down their lives to activate their true DNA that is not dependent on the molecular. The personification of evil has operated for thousands of years, but I pronounce it over and done with, and without authority over us from now on. The words of others will no longer control us, and we will birth a new race who will, willing to be it, be it the birthers of. 
The definition of God will be you who define it to be you a new entity of New Israel, on high, the most humble of all beings it to surrender to lead out of earth’s restrictions and the molecular principles of this molecular world.
New Israel will become a place to you now that is more than a concept, and more than a promise of a future life somewhere else. It is something that you can attain to and experience, entering a land promised to you long ago. This is where you can live, now. As a resident, come and go as you please.
New Israel is within your grasp, not; it is a tangible place that has residents and life as we know it not, but life that is unrestricted and cosmic awareness of the cosmos that we all are creators of.
I invite you to create new Israel this day in you. Within you, must be it the creation of. You create Israel within you before you can enter it. New Israel is the promised land and it is molecular founded by no more. The visible empirical Israel will confound us no more. New Israel is true and real and the reality of the most high, the most holy, simple people who will God be worshiping no other. We lay our life down to enter it, the creation of the creator, that we are, that we are one of, that we now no longer forfeit our birthright of. The new birth is birthed by our own authority who create it and learn to walk in it in the values that create creation all over again.
Understanding of the Holy books will no more limit us who pursue knowledge of the Holy for we will understand that we create the Creator’s reality of the created that we are the creation of and we will lay our life down so that we can enter the Real and True, New Israel being the New Covenant Us, full of new covenant me’s. It takes guts, for you enter a new reality. Exploration and discovery is inherent, as is risk. You come out of every comfort zone you’ve known to do this, learn this, be this, the leader of you that leads you to creation be that creates it all over again. Anew.
Awaken new questions within you and be willing to operate in the Grace that makes all one. Healing every mind who will healed be who heal each other equally, all changes now, for Grace prevalent on the earth will be you who create it. And remember, the gestation period for a New Covenant me is 70 weeks. Anything but a one-time decision, it’s not a lifestyle change, it’s a new life altogether. All together one. Coming back into being, thank you.
Grace Cottingham in Tulsa
December 14, 2016