My words change my life

My words change my life because my life is made of words and designed by words and my words use me. I have the ability to change my words that use me and reside in me and report to me what I am the use of and the results of. What I am thinking changes everything and what I think, I think with syllables, usually, and feelings that reside in emotions, emotional centers, of my brain or some kind of neuronic order or disorder.
My words change my being and my being changes my words as I go along throughout my day and learn new things new ways and new words with new people forming experiences that experience what I am, in the form of me. 
I am experiencing life through my words. And my words are experiencing life through what I am. I used to think I used words, now I know that it’s not that simple.
Life experiences words through me. I am the experience of my life and my life is the experience of me but I am no longer defining My Life by the experiences that I have had nor the words that have formed the patterns that I have lived by up to this point.
I am the word creating new word. With my mind.
I use syllables not like you, the normal person for I am the normal Christ now that word creates the word with that I am. The word I am create words and uses words for different patterns of light that do not constrict the user understander who will study and become the word meaning of the word the energy of.

I am a new word person. I am new light dancing with new light in light bringing forth my words in an environment that I have fostered to bring forth new life with and to bring forth maturity and continued process with new words forming a new life. This is my Temple, of Praise, where I praise my me of my words that center not in externality, but within me, to learn from me.  I am not the external looking for anymore nor the words that give me a reality outside of myself that creates me. I love the world and I know I am not separate from my word again.

There is great dissatisfaction now because the word of the Mind, the common mind, the normal Mind of a common person seeks to placated be by the mind of another person so that corroboration takes place to believe the visible empirical is reality. But this is not my reality in the present visible empirical.

My reality is my word, and if you know it, yours is too, for your Consciousness is what is experiencing you in the present body of you. But you are not the present body nor the Consciousness relieved of your suffering unless you want to be new words of that give you a new covenant to operate by where you uncover yourself from all of authority other.

You are your own authority and you cannot abdicate responsibility for your words that form your world and your operation in the execution of your movements and behavior and interaction with other public beings, or beings that seem to exist in other bodies visible.

Blame no longer works here. Finger-pointing like we did in the Bible story in the Garden of Eden no longer will be held as a story of other. The Bible story of the Garden of Eden is about you, and me, who don’t understand it, no longer. We will be creating us in separation from each other no longer for God will be one mind of us and the words that seem to operate in us will no longer restrict us to a visible reality that appears as molecular.

Time and space will give way to love and love will create a new reality and Israel will be healed because Israel is a promised land that is not restricted to molecular place or molecular beings nor waves or particles or words that operate magnetically and by magnetic influences alter word shapes and meanings forming portmanteaus and diction and grammar that change our DNA.

I invite you to change your life by your word, your words, and your experiences will change by the way you light the temple of God. You will understand increasingly as darkness will flee and the patterns of religion and the patterns of molecular light will no more diffuse make you other, than the coherent Mind Of God. It’s a development process, education. This education of the Mind by God is done internally with an educational system that is personally involved with your internal word speaking words that create light and patterns that man has not given you.

You are the creator of light that creates you for you are the creator of you. And the Creator unfolds in light now and will take her place as the woman of God who nurtures the word to birth it properly in love with each one equally throughout the world. Amen.

Please be that woman, that creator, that creates you with a perfect love of all for all being it – home. Promised Land created, within you and entering it now shall be all who will walk into a new place new vocabulary with new people as friends families all anew all as one – The Promise fulfilled.

I love you all to study these words with the light of one. To become it. Entered.
I am Grace Cottingham in Tulsa loving you all with new words encouraging you to dance with light to form new ways of experiencing the New Covenant me, it being you whatever your name is and whatever language you speak, and regardless of all the experiences you have had up to this point in your life, I offer you a new life with new words that you form you in. It’s not easy.

We are word people, creating now by light the original us. Words given us by others will no more incarcerate us to form ourselves in the pattern of the past. Let this day be a new day to you. Let new words change your life. 

Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA