I’m not ashamed of being a woman because I am

I am a woman and a man in what seems to be a man’s flesh body. But I am not this body. 
I am not the anatomy defined by.
I am love in two shoes and Grace is my name.
I can wear lipstick earrings a dress and high heels and enjoy them or wear a beard. I am one. No matter what I wear. I am not defined by what I wear. I define me by what I am and I am love in two shoes Grace with Grace being my name now.
I am Grace to the gay straight or not. I am grace to the religious not , I am grace to the humble and the Arrogant will flee.
Grace is powerful because Grace sees all as one. One is more powerful than all the divided. The divided will not hold me back. I am one , in place , and no one will take my place because I am me in the flesh and woman too, woman with, woman being, what seems like a man who will not divide it again no matter how I am dressed I will dress in my light and my words and you will not define me to me anymore again ever. Amen.
Grace Cottingham in Tulsa USA