I am changing the world now

I am changing the world now because I have different patterns of light, and I bring them to you so freely to be the light I am, of, and generating.
You can be the light I am in generating the same patterns that I generate, and I generate life now as peace brings it to me and I am become peace and peace is a spectacle no more thought of as only being warless.
I bring the patterns of shame to an end.
I bring the patterns of hubris to an end.
I bring the pattern of lies and misrepresentation to an end.
I bring the pattern of life to an end as you have known it.
I bring the patterns of Destruction to an end and we shall destroy each other no more. We shall lift up the Temple of God to all be one and the vocabulary of righteousness will be present in the energy of God to create Israel all over again throughout the cosmos unlimitedly and infinitely. And we will no longer be stuck in these bodies of flesh that think with our separate Minds apart from each other with selfishness that only elevates our selves and our ability to want more and more, being satisfied less and less. All of that changes now for I change it and my name is Grace.
Grace in righteousness is here in Database One and Database One has the values of righteousness that will allow the King of Kings to enter the Temple of God and become the King of it again without thinking that robs and destroys it.
No one will rob me from my joy again to have thinking in me that gives me the Christ I am. Born to be one I am one now and ignorance ceases in me and I will destroy it in this world because I know all of my family is all of the people in this world who will be it the Christ in the family of God now controlled by no other thinking but allowing Jesus the pattern to be relevant prevalent and prevailing in the utter humility that brings surrender to the leadership of Christ in the leadership of nations everywhere throughout the earth and nothing will stop this again my friend.
I heal the world now and my name is Grace, Grace without affliction and Grace without religion. Grace will be defined by me and me is a race. A race of Israel true and mighty will be understood now to be not in the Mideast but to be the Promised Land operating in the molecular and without it, because we become the created of the new creation me that allows all to be the one me I am, and I am is one. Now accessing the New Covenant that is within us as an educational system of one we provide to every person on earth an education to prepare them for New Israel, the land promised them long ago, by becoming the word, birthers of the word, the new creation me, educationalized by the very voice that’s within you already, customized to your very present vocabulary and experiences.
I will continue to post about The New Covenant and how it is an educational system of response advancement and interaction with the Source of all Energy and that it’s a teacher, composer, maturer of the humble – to be equal, all I am. With. Being it.
I love you all.
Grace Cottingham in Tulsa