The Myth of God

Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA
December 11, 2016
The myth of God will be crushed now, by love, love appearing, in a woman, the woman appearing as God, being it. No longer impostered as a man image of, God will now be a woman imaged to women as women are not imaged by men again to be under them. The image will be imaged no more. Images will no more create the real, to be in likeness to the unreal. 
The real flesh of molecularlessness will be seen now in forms appearing, limited to he who will create it, not; but she, who will birth, birth the living word, in flesh form them now appearing to be, normal us, with abnormal powers not, but perfectly normal among Christs to be the Christ of one, all many membered and one consciousness being. Released on the earth now is. Upon me. You who will be it too. In women all along were, now shall be it. 
Christ will no more be relegated to man theory, man-theory, God-theory, or theoreticals that portray God as other than I am, who be it, learned how learning how, by the New Covenant mode of operation now, that includes direct teaching from the Christ to be it. Transcendence now here, transcendent being, in the commonplace humble beings who light will be, crushing the principles of the antiGod.
AntiGod will cease to exist soon because Antichrist will fail to create it self by, the living word, birthed, by the birthers of the living word who learn how the Covenant of Education operates by the New Testament not, but the New Covenant Me living in Thee that God is speaking and adorned by, the love sparkling me. Grant thee this day. Thine adornment of thee in the flesh not, or will you be adorned by no other?, than the Christ, himself not, but herself, for God is a birther, and births birthers, who will be Christ led no more by the Lord of man.
I am here and my name is Grace Cottingham, upon the earth in 2 shoes, Grace’s.
Grace be to you all.