I am I am

Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA
December 11, 2016
I am I am now.

I do not look like it or seem like it to you or when I look in the mirror, for I may still look like flesh and a person of flesh of this race of Earth and incarcerated in it. I am, but for a moment. I am about to birth the new birth.
Now death will be defeated and I shall come out of My Flesh and I will be one as one no longer needing flesh to operate here on Earth. The incarceration of me in my flesh will be ended for me by me and you will know and All Peoples will know that flesh can be defeated by love and that death can be defeated by surrender to be the Christ of the living Christ to be one infinite Immortal blessed of Christ to be it a race of Israel in New Israel our living place now. New Israel is Among Us and everywhere throughout us for it is all over and unlimited and real and more real than what we have thought this molecular world was.
This is altogether done and accomplished at this moment right now, not appearing, seemingly, but it has taken place. In the real it has taken place because it has taken place already in my word. My words have come forth about this for over 10 years. The new birth will be me because I will experience it now any day. It may be years months weeks or hours from now. But it is ours to understand and behold the Christ is us a race of. New Israel is a land of the promised infinite that is our homeland beyond the mortal finite.
I go now to prepare a place for you. Invite you I do to a new land of promise where you do not have to work as a labor force of other for a paycheck that simply puts what you labor for in bags with holes.
Now you will know that the new birth is about a new land and becoming a new creation that will enter it, the promised land that is infinite, ours, and promised to all of us who will surrender to be the visible empirical no more led by or divided by in the divisiveness that divides the Christ to be anti.
We will all understand that the Antichrist is simply a person, an individual of any and every race on the earth that refuses to surrender to be the Christ in their clothes and what looks like them in their everyday life.
Christ will become the common person and the common person will become Christ and this will not exclude women nor any race of any tribe or tongue throughout Earth and all will know we are one consciousness of Christ, the Christ mind, Christ in it, and Christ Christing Christ will be the mantra and the cry in the Fulfillment of peace and the promised land that will be fulfilled now by us the leaders of who surrender to be the word birthers to birth the word through us to become the New Creations that will inhabit and recreate worlds of our being no longer afraid of our power and no longer being duped by impotent teachers who have only repeated the theories of mankind for Generations to keep it restricted here on Earth.
My name is Grace Cottingham and I love you to be a new birth birther. A New Covenant me a person of your word that births it to become a new creation and open your Land Of Promise This Day. I love you all. Good day.
Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA