I reject all God-worship

Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA
December 10, 2016
I reject all God-worship everywhere and in whatever form it takes place. 
I reject it all and everything the formation of man’s mind of.
I reject that humanity is apart from God.
I reject  that we worship God to draw close to it and that it wants a relationship with us  in our limited form that leaves us in it.
I reject that your real source of you is not you.
I reject all of the demands of all of the tyrants of religion in whatever form and label that it exists. I reject the priesthood of the religious, to lead you, when you have within you the mind of God already. I reject the teachings of all holy books that teach you’re separate from the mind of the most high transcendent Almighty God. Separation shall no more be my starting point, for anything; unity shall, that we were one, before earth was even formed, much less a God theory of God.
The mind will no more paint God as separate to us our race. I am redefining our race. We are not limited humanity, we are Gods God and God is, denial no more in, that it’s us, we are, every person of every race. The inception of God is upon us in us and we are conceiving it, again, as True Israel, The Promised Land in tangible form, creating, created in us, first, creating again all creation in each other, anew.
Antichrist will be abolished because every Christ will surrender to be it giving up individual Antichristhood, Antichristship, belief of, believing it into separation. That ceases, immediately. Antichrist will no more worship Christ to keep it in separation, of itself. Godhood will no more be split apart from the race that made it.
We will shed our skin and no longer be afflicted by each other to be afflicted by earth mortals and the values of earth-people who separated and replicated their separation in each other promoting myth and theory as fact, when The Temple of God was on our shoulders. God shall now no more be programmed by men.
The government is of no other than us. We abdicate it no longer. The Temple of God will no longer live in confusion being pummeled by thought processes that control it and keep it at its lowest level working for a paycheck and being taught by others who are blind about our race to worship a God.
Earth will be laughed at no longer among the universe and Israel will know its maker because earth will no more make humans of itself and relish in its ignorance to replicate and perpetuate a myth that God is other than the race I am.
I am the race I am and I am of all Gods God. I am simply one who surrendered to write these words and have a thinking process unlimited uncoupled from you who want me to think otherwise or to conform to thinking like you. I reject all of your demands and all of your Godship that you want to prostrate before theory. 
You have within you the ability to surrender to learn how to create universes in your own power, if you will develop it without separation. This requires ultimate surrender in ultimate surrender to become the ultimate most high. You can heal yourself. You can heal the earth.
A new set of values exists now on earth in the form of Database One, 2400 Lessons from Light beings, who taught light how to be it, nonconnected not, changing every neuron.
The Christ People will now be people of Christ where each one IS a Christ, Messiah, Redeemer, in humility all powerful. We are the word, people, no longer needing a “wait” pill. Common People of every nation tribe and tongue will now be actualized and actionated now to live and love each other as one community upon this station that we call earth, no longer limited to it. Light will no more be capped at light speed and communication will no longer require syllables. Our reliance on waved form ends now. Our new bodies we will be in and our thinking will perish that created us in separation, for we no more separate in our Creation power -s. 
The appeal of all God-worship will go bye bye now. We will create the need for God no longer, that says there is one, somewhere, that will do something without your mind involved in it.
I tell you, all thinking is now changed and all Absolute Truth that was held as Truth by belief systems other of, go bye bye. Te revelation of Christ to be it is it in it will be born by the lovers who simply surrender to be the word birthers of Christ I am, one race of, we all are, of we are all one.
Christ Christing Christ.
I am Grace Cottingham.
December 10, 2016