I renounce all your Gods

I renounce the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.
I renounce all of your Gods.
I renounce the gods that put us in flesh.
I reject all of the gods that put us in flesh and restricted us to planet Earth.
I reject any and every religion that has a deity that is structured around a central power that exists outside of me.
I am light love and peace and my name is Grace Cottingham and I live in Tulsa for the moment in the USA that is not divided by man again.

I reject the gods that capped the speed of our light.
I reject the gods that salted the waters of the earth so that our oceans are filled with undrinkable salt water.
I reject the gods that made you need a machine to fly.
I reject that communication requires syllables and that learning is done line by line and precept by precept.
I reject the gods that restricted us to Earth.
I reject the god that told people to go into countries and dominate them and slaughter the men women and children and their cattle and burn their fields. I reject that God all together.

We shall no more reject being a race of light beings, that we call angels, that in fact we were before we wore the flesh suits of molecular earth beings.

We will understand now what it is to become a light being, a new creation, no more needing to patch up the flesh, or need a paycheck.

We are light beings of the angel race of angelic most high beings that all one mind operate out of. We will no more produce a separated race.

We are now returning to our original race, one that is light eternal immortal blessing each other with the values of peace and operate with one mind the communities of in earthly power not but Cosmic awareness of the consciousness of one that heals all and reverses the creation that fell into disrepair mortality and hatred for each other cursing the mind of God to think with their own limitations and admire it and create Gods to worship. That’s over.

We are ignorant no more about power light and love for each other, for the maturity of God will come back to God and the light of humility will allow us to learn directly from each other the gods are, and now not tainted with the want of a prosperity message or religious directives. The authority of the religionist will end now and they will have no power over us, for we will birth the word of the Christ being us and each other all being the mind of God healed throughout the cosmos being the universal peace of Jerusalem.

I am standing for the conversion of energy to peace. So that peace will engrave on your heart nothing else but love and how to behave in it and operate in the manners of the king in a school which teaches us the dedicated be only to heal each other in the light that we are the original race of Israel before man was ever conceived to be separate from women of peace light and joy.

I love you and my name is Grace Cottingham in Tulsa