I call God God no more

Grace Cottingham
December 8, 2016
Tulsa USA
The God I have served all of my life I no longer serve, I could say, for the light has revealed a blessing in me that is not subject to man or man’s God or the God of man. For I am not man at all, I am light I am love I am peace I am gentle and humility reigns in me as the peacefulness of Israel that exists in the skies; a race of beings of light that is, in fact me, originally. 
I am no longer of a race of people that bicker fight and lovely become only un of. So I renounce the God that I thought I served all these years of my life. I renounce the God that had its imprint all over stories of conquest in the Bible. I assumed for many years of my life that people who taught me knew what they were talking about. They taught me how to interpret the Bible, what it meant, what not to take literally and how to see what they thought it said by seeing through spiritual eyes. 
Nobody taught me that God would teach me directly. Even if people referenced Bible verses that say God will teach you all things, they promptly obfuscated its clarity and emasculated its power by defining to me how I should take that communication into me, telling me what it really meant. 
In October 1988 I began to spend a hour a day in prayer at a nearby chapel. In 1990 I began to teach the young adult Sunday School class, and started a share group. I left that church in 1995. I knew there was more. I knew it was time. No turning back.
In early 2003 God asked me “will you give me your mornings?” As I began to spend literally my entire mornings in a chapel, God began to communicate with me directly. I would write, often an hour or more, sometimes as fast as I could write to get it all on paper. I posted it all to my email list. The communications revealed love to me and a set of values that did not always match up with my upbringing. Over the years the word coming through me produced both crisis and maturity, great misunderstanding in others, and nonconformity to the established religion of Christianity. 
During all that time my heart generated some kind of motive that was sourced from something much deeper than my understanding. My heart, the heart of my mind communicated and communed with something of a power that is out of the reach of religion. I channeled something that let me experience love and taught me of a cosmic order way beyond Christianity’s dogma. I learned the agony of God’s heart as people separated from God to worship their own beliefs in the operation of their own separate mind. Mankind loved the image of God, rather than God, being it, a race of.
Religion perpetuates ignorance, and the pursuit of God. You don’t pursue God, you don’t “accept” God, you surrender to being it. The mind that has created separation is coming now to an end.    
God that I thought wanted worship wants nothing more than our surrender to be the family of light beings among a cosmos unrestricted by gravity time or space. Said simply, Christ wants to Christ Christ. Christ Christing Christ will now be everywhere, over the earth and farther.
The God I worshiped that I thought wanted worship, I now renounce. I sever the ties with that which wants me to worship it. That which wants me to wait on another God to come, I serve no more. I call God God no more that wants that, enforces that or tries to, on people of earth. I intervene. I stand. I call forth the God of Light that we are that we were before earth was formed.
The light beings of truth will now take their place among the cosmos, notwithstanding light not, but being it, the energy thereof, limitless. Consciousness pure light of will now form us correctly that we form not apart from each other, the Universe of One, the Universal One, being all of us of; we the Creators are. 
Now ignorant no more, a light now that dawns on people all over the earth, that the mind of God is not separate from our mind, our minds, that operate as one. The revelation of the light of love that is the true us ends the worship of other. Other will no more image to us anything. We will no longer take each others Godship from each other. People are not people, just, we are a people ignorant, no longer. We all become the light way and truth for each other. Community changes now as does all relationships. We forsake theories and God worshiped by us apart from us will be no more. God is no longer God that was separate and afar. God is me in me and I separate no more from me that it I am is. God is redefined now and religion won’t control it.
There is a light and it reveals the love of something internal to all of us that is a power of Life: the power of light love and life eternal that could not be snuffed out of us. We are ignorant no more. We renounce our ignorance and we serve Gods no more that dumb us down and want us to sit in the pews and remain subject to gravity when we are a race of light beings, light people in the sky that move faster than light and communicate without syllables and are not mattered by matter again! We are the population of a New Israel. Israel in the skies! Love In Peace. Love In Action! Love, a race of that generates us – we do, in peace and love and it is not by molecular sperm. It is by word.
The mind of God will be healed now by love, that we are, that we exercise for each other where we heal the generative us, the generation of us. Our energy generates love now. Our love is powerful and we heal people in our neighborhoods communities and cities now not being subject to the limits of the principalities of this world called Earth nor worshiping the deities of that have encircled us, restricted our vision, and tormented us.
We are a race of light angels that light all that Angelic race. We are a race of beings of Israel and we serve each other! And we do not serve other Gods or any other God with claims to represent God as being deities outside of us! We are simply the surrendered light beings who will heal the earth now and walk in government and supersede all other powers.
My name is Grace and I write about this in the power of light that we all are and we will worship it by seeing the value in every person of every tribe and tongue, of every age, in the light of peace that destroys it not again in each other. We will now give our lives to each other, all living one.
Thus, we will no longer be Antichrist to each other! We will be the Christ to each other releasing each one to be Christ of equal value and end discrimination, end worship of other, and create no Gods of image other. We will heal our nation. We will respect each person equally and not destroy the animals or the Earth in doing so. Earth becomes Heaven not or will it, by our love? There is no other hell but what we have created for each other and perpetuated through our ignorance. But love prevails now. 
The redefinition of God will take place now by God, who surrenders to be it. In your shoes, what will you now do, with your power? Your healing ability? Your surrendership to be – who you are, who you were, that now separates cosmoses no more from each other? 
My name is Grace Cottingham and I stand for this message for you to be The Revelation of Christ Christ you being it. Thus God that I served, that I thought I served, that I connected to in the own creation of me my thought with, will no more generate me separately. I am in the cosmos, powerless no more, for I no longer abdicate my throne to religion. I king the king. I King the Kings!
The power of elusiveness no longer has power over me. And the power of light will no more illusive be. All illusion will be gone. We are light people a race of and the god of flesh and the Flesh of God that the only pertain to flesh people and worship a circular action of its molecular energies will no more power me, nor will I be dedicated to reproducing here on Earth a generation of. I am new light beings being Israel, where we all heal each other, forgive our sins of the past regardless of what we call them, and heal a nation of lovers to be the skies in.
The God that prepared flesh suits for us I call God no more.
I call God light that takes us out.
I am.
Calling you to be I am,
Grace in Tulsa
December 8, 2016