The only reason I breathe, is for you to know who you are

The only reason I breathe is for you to know who you are, a band of angels no more bandits about the universe nor banding it in the magnetic waves of the universal me that doesn’t know what it is. I am me who is subjected to magnetic waves no more. Your opinions will no more sticky me to you.
I love you and I call you Christ I am you are.
And this day you will choose, not who you will worship, but who you will be, become, and operate as. You will be Antichrist or Christ. Becoming become it. There is no in-between and no middle ground. The time is here for all to be decided by the judge of you and me that you are I am is. For the one judge of me is me; the judge of you is you. You judge you Christ or Anti. 
My name is Grace Cottingham in Tulsa intervening for all theories of Christ to be obliterated and the real emerge in you being it, surrendered to be Christ in your shoes. I judge you Christ 7 billion and more on this planet to take your clothes off not for another but your flesh. You are angels a race of New Israel and it comes into being now and the powerfulness of a glorious King that we are I am one is will emerge now, you being who will. Become no more the love of separation worshiping a God of other.