The mind of The Separator is no more creating me

Grace Cottingham
December 7, 2016
The mind of The Separator is no more creating me. You will create me no more in your mind of Separation to separate me from you or each other. I know your lies now. I know your lie, will no more live in me.
The creator of Creatorship One will now exist in reign free from you now who want to restrict it and have your own Sovereign Mind to control you and create each other in the control that you have been birthed in. I restrict it not, I obliterate that control in me and I shall not pass it along to another.
I am connected to connections me and I disconnect from you who call me separate for I am one mind of the healed holy and well.
My name is Grace Cottingham in Tulsa, and www.NewCovenant.Me is my website