The mind of antichrist and Christ are so intertwined, you don’t know the difference

Grace Cottingham
December 7, 2016
Tulsa, USA
The Antichrist mind and the Christ mind will now be separated, differentiated by the ascribing religionists not, but those who give up all religion to be saved from the mind of Satan. So-called Satan will not exist anymore in the separation of mankind from God. 
The order of Christ will now be to be it, released from all worship and belief system other. Christ will now be released to be it, a woman, releasing Christ everywhere to be women Christ. 
This changes everything and I love you to become the Christ you are with clothes, in them or without them and no matter how you dress, I love you and my name is Grace.
Jesus is a theory no more. Jesus is a story to be it you, about, in The Flesh, with your name being it to each other and our families all as one flesh Humanity released by to be the Gods we are.
We will give up our Godhood no more to be flesh in of. The angels we are from another Cosmic order. Amen. And now Israel real will be healed us creating it on the head of each other healing the Christ to be it. All powerless not again. An army of oneness of all ones. All one make one, all one being, God again complete.
Imaging images not again to create separateness in each other, the Antichrist mind will give way to the pervasive Christ mind that operates in humility, utter humility only. In all connected again, futuring love to be it now recreated Israel anew, molecularlessly.
Bright morning star arrive 
Grace Cottingham