I renounce the name of Christ being separate from

I renounce the name of Christ being separate from me that you are the Christ that I am calling you, the reader of these words, to develop. Christ Christing it now shall be, your mind healing your mind from the separation that we put each other into. God will no more exit from the mind of God. We will exalt our formula to overcome our separation from God no more, as we will learn to surrender to be God, with one mind. Equal. Equality becoming again, robbing not God, but surrendering in the ultimate, to be it.
Healing will now begin where we heal each other from the separation. God will be God again in the incarnation of holiness and judgment of righteousness in humility to be the powerful Christ again, in the most simple of us. Our willingness to be taught by ignorance and ignorant people who have authority to teach, granted them, by them, will no more be.
I lift the head of Christ to be it. You are Christ and you have the responsibility to develop it. It’s only in New Covenant surrender that you can become a “who you are” really. Flesh will no more fool you. Come into the oneness of one that makes all one. Christ redeemed, now shall be.
Grace Cottingham
Dec 7, 2016