I give up the idea of God

Grace Cottingham
December 7, 2016
Tulsa, USA
The idea of God will no more crush me. 
I am not made in the image of God. I am God the mind of, that “fell” into separation, that I de-create now, by surrender into being who I am, in ultimate humility, to discover the opinion of no other creates me in me anymore to be their separation of.
I’m no more under the authority of who thinks God is separate from us. God is a race.
God is a multi membered one mind of love, pure light, beings of nonseparateness, coming into being again a New Israel of. Amen.
Creating it.
I am woman of my word and I will be it out at last, performing my miracles everywhere, obliterating the image that Christ is a man, that Christ provided atonement, that Christ will return. Christ is here in a blessed oath not again that removes kingship from the simple surrendered kingship of Kings. The King will Christ the Christ and King the Kings that all one mind are. Now will be known, experienced, and limitlessness will no more be a theory of something “else” that has power.
We submit to being the powerful. We wear powerlessness no more in humility false. We heal, we forgive sins. Separation shall cease now from our mind that makes all one, without neurons of separation. Those controlled by 5-sense minds no longer create our reality. 
The real shall be real now, disappointed not. Amen.
I am here and my name is Grace.
Women under men no more.