I give up being Godly

Grace Cottingham
December 7, 2016
I give up being Godly, because I don’t want your Gods, any of you. The Gods of humanity I do not want. I know something. I know that we have been duped by religion no matter what you call it or what label you ascribe to it. It is all an association with separation and I am not separated from you. We are a race of equals and we are not subject to the mankind race of Gods that put us in this mess.
The cosmic order of loveliness still exists. It exists in all of us. It exists in you. And you know what? When you take your clothes off you may seem to be a human to you, but I know that when you take your flesh off you are an angel of Light, a body of light in a body of coherent light that love is put together by no other, and worship no other God. We are ourselves unto God God and God we are and God we will not be separated from again and my name is Grace Cottingham in Tulsa.
Everything we’ve done up until now has separated us. We think we are separate, separate races, ethnic diversity we celebrate or deplore. We worship God as other no matter what our label for it and I tell you this my friends, I call you God a race of and angels we are and we will not be subservient to the Gods of humanity again.
I love you and I bless you and I have created God for me not again. You are it. We are the Mind of God. God exists in you for you too will believe it or not, not because you accept it or call it a certain name. You are God because it’s you that you are and you have life and you have love permeating you that you no longer will cover over with the mode of man and Mankind and women that want to divide each other. I tell you – it’s over.
All that’s over been us. Will no more be. All of the prayers, rights, and rituals of the Holy people and holy books will now go bye bye. Women will no longer be under men. Religious Authority will be a thing of the past that will be obliterated from our memory by our love for each other and our actions of love that redeem forgive and create a new race of angels Limitless pure Israel.
God will not be exalted as another anymore again. Religion will now fall apart. I will see to it not, I will simply be me calling you the real you to come into existence as you and not seek another.
You are the loveliness of you. You are the lovely of you. You are the Angels of the sky. You are the Israel of Israel true and graceful being the true Israel that is now not limited to flesh because it’s all 
over for the race that only wants to be in subservience.
And my name is Grace Cottingham in Tulsa and I take responsibility for what I have written and I have written it and I proclaim it throughout the worlds.
Grace Cottingham
Tulsa USA
Grace on Twitter at #ChristingChrist