Your Spotless Mind

A couple days ago I watched the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” with Jim Carey and Kate Winslet. I saw this movie sometime back in the past but the reason I was to watch it again may be clear to me, or not, but I knew I “felt” to watch it again because it was mentioned with words I speak to me. My real mind, the God mind, speaks through that which I let it, speak. When the bed of neurons is stilled, quieted, controlled, or mastered – the voice of the real mind can be heard, by anyone – in them. The mind of God comes through your mind, to you. Inceptionally, you birth it. It’s a process. Learning it can be painful. Trial and error seem de rigueur at times because want taints the flow, of words. Neurons always want to be in control. It’s the Antichrist mind, at work, play, with us ever as our mind that we think, claim, as our own.

Our own mind defeats us, because it’s rational. It’s logic circuits control us in the shapes we like, admire, worship even, certain words, ascribing greatness to what we “connect” to them, in belief theory, concreting it within our creationship with our correctness corroborated by our desire to emulate become and conform to what’s been creating us all along: reality false. We “experience” it because we are, experiencing it in the “form” of what’s created all around us. False appearing real is a snowfall that becomes a blizzard that whiteouts reality. We’re so conformed to what we’re “supposed to” conform to, we’ve lost our own mind, thinking we’ve made choices to be who we are, when we’ve customarily been programmed on a mass scale to be blinded to the truth, that your mind uses you.

Your mind, physically oriented, uses object oriented programming to program you, visible sight with, obscuring truth. Bodies of light all around us we cannot see because we’ve chosen the veil, or our minds, to create reality, reality that’s false. Complete not, we become numb to the chatter and demands of our false world, waiting for a redeemer, waiting for something good to come, waiting for the right “one” or trying to fool our own feelings for another that we think we want something of, or to give to. The mind is insidious, above all things: contemptible. Operating with the operating system of Ego, ego has mastered us. The slicker the ego the subtle it operates to dominate us, our wants, desires, words, vocabulary, motives, energy.

And then we die.

We have not known who we are because we listen so often, mostly, to mind of Egos. Ego dominates religion, education, government, family life, corporate life, and basically, all our reward systems.

Character hardly gets a mention. Integrity has been all but forgotten. Ethics, slimy.

Why are we so impatient with each other, and bombastic? Why has escapism become the norm from this world? Entertainment? What teaches us? Sports? Beating each other to death? Exalting who gets the most money from other? Is money our yardstick, for measuring truth? Character? Ability? Credibility?

If I get you to ask questions you would not ordinarily ask, then I’ve succeeded maybe, maybe not; or is it only a quest to write this? Or do you and I have the same mind? That’s been anesthetized by those around us, our choices and theirs interacting to promote the continuity of anesthetization so that we keep DNA’ing each other to sleep in the “whiteouts” we operate in? each day?

I ask you to consider a mind in you exists that you can let speak, communicate with, commune with, receive instruction, comfort, forgiveness, and correction – that is your Actual Mind. For I know you’re a light being, not a human, in human form, only. You fell. I fell too. We no longer fall. We come out with the birth of a singular vision of light being all of us, with a common mind that’s no longer with placated with the visible empirical. The 5 sense bed of neurons will control us no longer. We “erase” them, not; or do we “render” them authorityless within us?, allowing us to hear Light talk to us, with us, stilling our qualms and quelling our fears and letting us know, we are God. Not without. We are. Who will heal each other is us who heal us and the mind share the goodness of glory we give not to another labor force for decades.

We’re used no more by our mind, programmed by another. We seek Lacuna Services of the movie not again. We mature. Our mind. Light. Light with, being it – One.

I love you all.

Enjoy the movie, I hope you do. See a new light now, way to look it up, and be the mind of joy now everywhere, repairing the old one not, but creating new. Brand new be. Healing all equally.

Grace in Tulsa
December 5, 2016