Dancing with Truth

My favorite album at this moment is a 20-song 77-minute CD of the most beautiful music, happy music, to me, creative. It creates something in me, as I listen. Intently sometimes. Without distraction I listen to it. Sitting. Dancing, with it I haven’t yet as I have only listened to it with me, and it takes “two” to Tango you know. 🙂

Yet I wonder about the statement I just made, the truth of it. Have I danced with it? Even alone? Sitting? Even? Is it dancing with my neurons? My consciousness? Altering it? Providing me some interaction with consciousness of a different nature, frequency, assimilating what am I into my me when I listen to it? “It” affect me. In a way so positive, I enjoy it. It permeates, somehow, what I’m doing, for I am consciousness of it, its beauty of melodies, expertly crafted, recorded, for my consumption. My dancing. My consciousness with, altered by it. “It” is valuable to me. I place value upon it. I value how I feel as I feedback as given instantaneously as I interact with it. I “interact” with it through my consciousness that “it” interacts me with, or is it timeless “music” frequencies that resonate with me in a way that brings me back to the real me? Authentic me?

On a bed of my neurons I’m no more subject to yours, not, but yours no more control me. I can listen surrenderingly to listen and be affected by, as I choose to be, by such beautiful music; yet I can listen to my mind the same way. My mind seems to produce words sometimes that I don’t like; I reject them. Phrases granted me by others to describe me, limit me, my world incarcerate by what they say; I learn how to reject. Programmed not by that which I only want to reject, is my Truth programmed by me?

The Truth that I have accepted as Truth along the way of my life, thus far, is it conscripting? Is it absorbing me while I thought I was absorbing it, or accepting revolution of something absolute?, only to allow it to be preempted when I find out something more “true” later? Do we create our own truth? Truth to us? Truth to me? – fails me when I find truer still.

Absolute Truth of the past is no longer my truth, at all, whatsoever. Truth is relative, to what I know, till I find out, something truer.

My belief must be able to change, if I’m going to learn anything, and advance in this world, maturing in it, in ethics, kingship, surrendership, leadership even! If belief is brittle, if my belief is brittle, I’m doomed. Stagnant, I’ve broken my ability to learn. I’ve “locked” my neurons into place, into certain patterns, rather than learning to dance with them!

Why should anyone seek to learn how to lock their neurons into place believing belief into a system that believes creativity into stagnancy? Why don’t we learn to dance with truth, that’s already inside of us?

I didn’t get my Truth from outside of me; I got it from within me.
Truth is in me. I can’t extricate from me! I cannot “accept” it, I can only BE it!
I be it by letting it instruct me.
I listen to my inner voice.
My inner voice tells me I am love, and I have no voice but God’s.
God’s Truth is in me absolute ‘ly, and complete ‘ly! But I must learn how to dance with it, to bring it forth, to let it surrender to me to surrender to be it. It’s already in me, so Ultimate Surrender has already taken place, if I don’t create “me” over it to be in my own separation, thinking I’m a human that must seek God, or find Truth anywhere else.

Truth is not in a book.
Truth is not in you.
Truth IS you, but you must learn how to be it, to have the voice of, The Authentic You, who teaches you not to compete with it, dominate it, or control it.

Ultimate Surrender is Ultimate Leadership.
The greatest follower is the greatest leader.
The Greatest Dancer is one who will dance with All Equally, of every nature tribe and tongue.

And Truth be Told?
It’s waiting to come out of the mouth of everyone, who come will as a child before the Throne of Your Own Judgment, to judge yourself worthy of hearing the Voice of God, within you, to teach you, to defeat separation, leading Truth to be it. One minded. One mind. One person – with Truth surrendered to be it, lead it – dance with it!

To continue learning, dance with truth. Quiet all distraction, and listen to great music :)!

Better yet? Dance not to the frequencies of another, but your own heart. Your authenticity coming forth, birth the Child of Jerusalem that has no matter, but angelic is. Be not conscripted by any religion. Be hijacked no more by theories. Let Truth have Her way, intimate, with intimacy inside of you, that you dance with. And “It” will not take your breath away – it will give it.

Dance to a new light
in a new bed

New neurons form
The Tree of Life delighted with who will be it.

Grace Cottingham
Twitter handle #ChristingChrist